Live 8 Quicktime movies for download

MadonnaNot that we would promote anything like this, but some guy has uploaded a bunch of Quicktime movies from Live 8 events around the world on his blog. There are literally hundreds of acts available at a pretty decent resolution available for download in your browser or download client. Obviously you shouldn't go over there and have a look, since we definitely don't want you to check them out.

Part Two - Live 8 Edinburgh: Success?

G8 Leaders

The G8 leaders have responded to the mindless terrorist attack on London and the efforts by the millions of campaigners in the Live 8 movement with a stale list of agreements. First of all, the leaders have all agreed to commit to a $50 Billion (US) package with relaxed restrictions on how the money can be used. What they failed to say is that this package had already been agreed upon by the G8 financial ministers a month ago. Not very revolutionary now is it? Secondly, they've made an attempt at setting up a meeting to talk about free trade in Africa. No mentions of actions or commitment, just talk. Thirdly, a repetition of the agreement to cancel African debt. In my opinion, this was a missed opportunity.

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Pink Floyd Live 8 Bittorrents

The highlight of Live8 for me was Pink Floyd. For the next six weeks you can stream their performance from The fine folks over there even broke them into tracks for ya:

Now, some folks--and we would never, ever be one of these folks--are downloading mp3 and videos file of the performance by BitTorrent from place like here, here, and here. Or even here, here and here.

Part One - Live 8 Edinburgh: The Concert

 bob geldof

I can say without doubt that the last 48 hours has contained some of the most fun, most loud and most shocking moments of my life. In part one of the coverage of Live 8 Edinburgh I'll be talking about the journey up to the concert as well as the gig itself. In part two of the coverage I shall be talking about the protests in and around Edinburgh as well as the terrorist attack on London. Included in both is a selection of around 200 photos that had to be cut down to around 20 of the best shots. Hopefully you'll get a good idea of the atmosphere across this extraordinary 48 hours.

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Live8 Setlists

I love how AOL Music has this all broken out by city and by artist. It took a second to get used to going through the Philly show in alphabetical order instead of chronological order, but I have already relived some of the highlights from the London, Philadelphia and Toronto shows and I'm looking forward to Berlin, Paris and Rome. I just watched Green Day doing Queen's "We Are The Champions" -- it was surreal.

Sir Bob Geldof says Hi!

Sir Bob

Ok so this is an absolutely appauling shot, but I managed to get Sir Bob Geldof on camera! After the 12 hour coach journey from London to Edinburgh that around 1000 people took advantage of at a discount rate of £8 a ticket, Bob dropped in to each coach to come and spread the message of 'Make Poverty History'. There was a storm of reporters surrounding him, including film crews and newspaper reporters. It was pretty special to half wake up from a 12 hour journey to be greeted by the organizer of this massive event to end world poverty. Check back later for higher resolution pictures (I left my dedicated camera cable at home!).

The current atmosphere in Edinburgh is one of mild tension, with police cars zooming past Starbucks on Prince's Street (Edinburgh High Street) every five minutes. There are posters everywhere trying to attract people to the Gleneagles protest and we were asked several times whether we would like a £10 ticket to the protest. The Police are literally everywhere and most shops have some form of security at the door, if the shop isn't boarded up. Check out the picture of the poster after the jump.

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Critics rave over AOL's coverage, rant over MTV's

By now we all know that MTV/VH1's coverage of Live8 sucked. Hardcore. All people, critics, and bloggers are letting the world know that AOL did had the best coverage of Live8 hands down. They streamed all the events live and will continue to for the entire summer. There's a great article about it here. Do you agree that AOL ripped MTV a new one? Let us know!

Elton John sending a message 2 days after Live8

 Elton John
Well for the city of Philadelphia, apparently one huge, life-changing concert wasn't enough. We demand more and somehow got it in the form of Elton John. Just 2 days after Live8 on the 4th of July, Elton John is playing on the same Live8 stage, with the same sound, same screens, etc. A few other performers will be joining him such as Bryan Adams. But Elton is trying to raise awareness of the global AIDS/HIV crisis. So at least both concerts send a message.

Echoes of Live8 and Bob Marley

Two days after Live8, there are a few songs I can't get out of my head. Destiny's Child's "Survivor", Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and The Black Eyed Peas covering "Get Up, Stand Up" with a couple special guests. When they announced who was joining them, I missed the woman's name and only heard them say Stephen Marley (son of Bob) was joining them. The performance was fantastic and is still ringing in my ears.

Today when I was looking over some of the coverage of Live8 Philly I found out that the woman was Rita Marley, Bob Marley's wife. Wow. She converted to Rasta before he did and was a backup singer in The Wailers. She was also shot in the head in the famous pre-election attack on their home that kept them from playing a free concert to support the Jamaican prime minister. I wish I had heard them more clearly two days ago. What an incredible person to have join you on stage for a Bob Marley song!

Anyone going to Live 8 Edinburgh?

Murrayfield Concert 
Now that the major Live 8 concerts are over, the world's attention is shifting onto the July 6th 'Final Push' concert at the Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh. The penultimate concert will be coinciding with the meeting of the G8 leaders at Gleneagles. The line-up is considerable, with artists including Annie Lennox, Snow Patrol, Travis, The Corrs, James Brown (Soul Legend!) and um, McFly.

I've managed to acquire a pair of tickets from a friend that won't be able to make the gig (props to Joe!), so I'll be heading up there on Tuesday night with the task of blogging for live8insider. Hopefully I'll be able to bag a backstage pass which will enable me to do live updates from the scene. Otherwise I'll whip out my notebook and put my companion to the task of taking a picture of everything worthy! Then when I get back I'll type it all up and upload the pictures to give you guys an idea of what the gig was like. Now I hope you all understand that WIN bloggers travel in style. So you won't be surprised to hear that I'll be spending 24 hours travelling in one of these. (Picture after the jump.)

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Springsteen skips Live 8 for Iceland

We had heard rumors when we first landed in Philly that Bruce Springsteen had been booked as a surprise, post-Stevie Wonder Live 8 guest. He didn't show, but that doesn't mean he wasn't playing for charity. Apparently some time last week, The Boss was flying back to the US from a series of European shows when his plane stopped at Iceland's Keflavik International Airport to refuel. According to an AP story, Springsteen then "strolled into the terminal with his acoustic guitar and played a six-song set for the airport's overnight shift", including "Dancing in the Dark" and "I'm on Fire." I wonder what if P. Diddy has such an excuse?

AOL Rebroadcasting Live 8

Whether you're just pissed off about MTV's (lack-of) coverage, or you missed Live 8 altogether, never fear - you can watch six of the concerts in their entirety on Rebroadcasts of the Paris, Rome, Berlin, Philly, London and Canada concerts are showing on seemingly infinite loops; you can also tune into their "Global Feed", which knits together performance highlights from each of the concerts. The only conceivable problem is that you can't skip ahead to the performances you most want to see. I got lucky and tuned into the Berlin feed in the middle of Green Day's performance, just in time to catch their revolution-via-lounge-act version of "We Are the Champions." But every time I press the feeder button on the London show, I seem to get not Madonna, not Stereophonics, not Coldplay featuring Richard Ashcroft, but - you guessed it - Mariah Carey. Damn you Mariah!!!

MTV at LIve 8: All of your anger codified into one comment

This might have been the ultimate anti-MTV comment we recieved during Live 8 yesterday. Brian Myers wrote:

$19.95 Super Scrubber commercial on a concert show supposed to help raise public support for ending world poverty?

I'm probably crazy to think anybody from the broadcast booth will see this, but please if you see this, and if you give a crap about the issue Live 8 is targeting, stop with the assinine commentary from the lame MTV/VH1 personalities, stop the lame interviews with celebrities who have nothing better to do that get their face on camera, stop with the hypocritical commercials, and just show the fu*king music. It's about the fu*king music you boneheads. People will tune out, and then the message is lost. Just play the fu*king music, and stop all the other bullshit.

Entire Live8 sets available on the web

As Jason told us yesterday, BitTorrents already started going up of Live8 shows that weren't finished yet. Well now that the amazing event has passed, literally every single one is available in one way or another on video; most in the form of BitTorrents. We reccomend checking out here to find some.

You said it, not us: MTV/VH1 sucks

Wow. I posted a casual question about MTV and VH1's Live 8 coverage, and the readers responded in droves. The general consensus is that MTV royally screwed up this event. Here are some choice comments:

"I totally agree. The MTV broadcast has been a joke. It's a mesh of random clips of parts of songs of various artists with a bunch of random interviews and talking. And I want even start on the f-ing commercials every 10 mins." -- Kristen

"It seems like everything is highly edited and I'm wondering if the performers were told not to mention the US government" -- Elvis of Dallas

"The MTV and VH1 coverage are identical, and pitiful. The sound quality is very poor, and we are seeing way too much of their "reporters" and such ... They completely ignored Sarah McLachlan and did not broadcast it at all. I'm so disappointed." -- JKL

"The BBC is showing everything! Not a single advertisement in sight! The BBC rules! Great piece of socialism seems to have kicked MTV's commercial arse. :D" -- Wai-Tung Leung

"The U.S. MTV/VH1 coverage is horrible...I wouldn't even consider it coverage. It's a commercial fest padded with their personalities jabbering on about God knows what with the bands playing in the background." -- Denise

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