You said it, not us: MTV/VH1 sucks

Wow. I posted a casual question about MTV and VH1's Live 8 coverage, and the readers responded in droves. The general consensus is that MTV royally screwed up this event. Here are some choice comments:

"I totally agree. The MTV broadcast has been a joke. It's a mesh of random clips of parts of songs of various artists with a bunch of random interviews and talking. And I want even start on the f-ing commercials every 10 mins." -- Kristen

"It seems like everything is highly edited and I'm wondering if the performers were told not to mention the US government" -- Elvis of Dallas

"The MTV and VH1 coverage are identical, and pitiful. The sound quality is very poor, and we are seeing way too much of their "reporters" and such ... They completely ignored Sarah McLachlan and did not broadcast it at all. I'm so disappointed." -- JKL

"The BBC is showing everything! Not a single advertisement in sight! The BBC rules! Great piece of socialism seems to have kicked MTV's commercial arse. :D" -- Wai-Tung Leung

"The U.S. MTV/VH1 coverage is horrible...I wouldn't even consider it coverage. It's a commercial fest padded with their personalities jabbering on about God knows what with the bands playing in the background." -- Denise

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