AOL Rebroadcasting Live 8

Whether you're just pissed off about MTV's (lack-of) coverage, or you missed Live 8 altogether, never fear - you can watch six of the concerts in their entirety on Rebroadcasts of the Paris, Rome, Berlin, Philly, London and Canada concerts are showing on seemingly infinite loops; you can also tune into their "Global Feed", which knits together performance highlights from each of the concerts. The only conceivable problem is that you can't skip ahead to the performances you most want to see. I got lucky and tuned into the Berlin feed in the middle of Green Day's performance, just in time to catch their revolution-via-lounge-act version of "We Are the Champions." But every time I press the feeder button on the London show, I seem to get not Madonna, not Stereophonics, not Coldplay featuring Richard Ashcroft, but - you guessed it - Mariah Carey. Damn you Mariah!!!

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