Sir Bob Geldof says Hi!

Sir Bob

Ok so this is an absolutely appauling shot, but I managed to get Sir Bob Geldof on camera! After the 12 hour coach journey from London to Edinburgh that around 1000 people took advantage of at a discount rate of £8 a ticket, Bob dropped in to each coach to come and spread the message of 'Make Poverty History'. There was a storm of reporters surrounding him, including film crews and newspaper reporters. It was pretty special to half wake up from a 12 hour journey to be greeted by the organizer of this massive event to end world poverty. Check back later for higher resolution pictures (I left my dedicated camera cable at home!).

The current atmosphere in Edinburgh is one of mild tension, with police cars zooming past Starbucks on Prince's Street (Edinburgh High Street) every five minutes. There are posters everywhere trying to attract people to the Gleneagles protest and we were asked several times whether we would like a £10 ticket to the protest. The Police are literally everywhere and most shops have some form of security at the door, if the shop isn't boarded up. Check out the picture of the poster after the jump.

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